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Naked Conversations

Naked Conversation (Cards for Connection)

Naked Conversation (Cards for Connection)

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78 heartfelt, fun, deep questions crafted for more meaningful conversation.

These cards bring people closer. By asking questions we might not otherwise find ways to ask we get to know the intricacies of our partner. Some questions are designed for story telling, some are designed to give each other an opportunity to speak about what’s been on your mind and a few cards might hold deeper, touchier, but necessary topics. It’s not uncommon for three cards to end up filling up a whole hour of conversation.

These cards will turn quantity time into quality time. It’s about making space for appreciation amongst all the coexisting and teammate roles. These cards will help get you there.




This deck of cards was a labor of love. I created them during lockdown in Melbourne when I couldn’t get out and photograph or create in the ways I was familiar with. I had just purchased an ipad and was learning how to use Procreate and had the idea to draw my photographs. With the help of a couple friends over the course of a few months, the Naked Conversation deck was born. Collaborating with friends via zoom not only helped bring this product to life but also kept me creating and socializing during what could’ve been a very isolating time.

Andy and I worked together on finalizing the end designs on photoshop into the wee hours. My friend Lauren helped me come up with the name. Paean and Heidi helped me draw the clipart in the circles. Jamie ( contributed photos when I ran out of material to draw. It really took a village and made this experience all the more special.

This is something I wholeheartedly believe in. Quality conversations are the spice of life. They lead to growth, breakthroughs, opportunity, creativity - all the good shit.





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